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What is OVITO?

OVITO is a scientific visualization and analysis software for atomistic and particle simulation data. It helps scientists gain better insights into materials phenomena and physical processes. The program is freely available for all major platforms under an open source license. It has served in a growing number of computational simulation studies as a powerful tool to analyze, understand and illustrate simulation results.

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Citing OVITO

When using OVITO to visualize your simulations, please cite it in your scientific publications as follows:


22 – 24 Nov 2019

OVITO @ 2nd GALAMOST Training workshop hosted by Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun, China

13 – 15 Aug 2019

OVITO @ 6th LAMMPS Workshop and Symposium hosted by University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, USA
Slides available here.

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Dear OVITO users:

As the main developer of the software, I would like to thank you for all the positive feedback and enthusiasm you have provided over the last 10 years. With tens of thousands of active users, and an average of at least three new scientific publications per day, OVITO has become an extremely popular solution among materials modelers and practitioners of particle-based simulation techniques. We see these impressive numbers grow further every single month. 

This success means for us, the OVITO team, that it is time to take the next steps and put the software development process and support services we provide to you on a more professional basis. While we have been doing this work basically on the side for the past years –in addition to our regular jobs as material researchers at Darmstadt University of Technology– we want to fully dedicate our time to OVITO in the future and invest in its growth. 

One step in this direction is our new website that you just came to visit. With the aim to get a better picture of the structure of our user base, software downloads and access to support services will now require a simple online registration. The goal of this step is for us to learn who is using our services and how –in order to improve and offer better solutions to your specific needs.

Finally, I also want to thank the German Research Foundation for supporting our effort to build up a sustainable model that can ensure the long-term availability of the OVITO software for the scientific community.

Alexander Stukowski (author of OVITO)