Developer information

The latest source code of OVITO is available in our repository on Note that the following build instructions pertain to the code of OVITO Basic, which is available under the GNU GPLv3 and MIT open source licenses and includes only subset of program features.


The prerequisites for building OVITO from source are:

C++ compilerrequiredCompiler must support C++14 language standard (e.g. GNU g++ 4.8 or newer)
CMakerequiredThe build system used by OVITO (CMake 3.2 or newer required)
GitrequiredThe distributed version control system needed to retrieve the source code
xsltprocoptionalThe XSLT processor for generating the user manual
DocBookoptionalThe XSL stylesheets required to generate the user manual in HTML format

The library dependencies are:

Qt5requiredUsed for OVITO's graphical user interface (version 5.6 or newer)
zliboptionalRequired for reading and writing compressed files.
BoostrequiredOVITO uses some utility classes from this C++ library.
libsshoptionalUsed by OVITO's built-in SSH client for remote data access.
ffmpegoptionalAudio and video processing libraries used by OVITO to write movie files.
libnetcdfoptionalRequired by the Amber/NetCDF file reader/writer plugin

The sources of the following third-party libraries are included in the OVITO source distribution and get compiled automatically as part of the build process:

muparserA math expression parser library.
QwtFor plotting and data visualization.
Voro++Voronoi cell construction routine required by the Voronoi analysis modifier.
KISS FFTRequired by the Spatial correlation function plugin.