OVITO Python Module

PyPI package

For CPython interpreters 
Version 3.9.2 — 31 Aug, 2023

Conda package

For Anaconda/Miniconda environments  
Version 3.9.2 — 31 Aug, 2023

This package is compatible with standard CPython interpreters from www.python.org. Do not install it in Anaconda environments. 

Use the latest version of pip to download and install the OVITO Python package:

pip install -U ovito==3.9.2

The package provides the OVITO Python module, which can be used free of charge (MIT license).

Compatible Python interpreters: 
  • Windows: Python 3.7 – 3.11 (x86_64)
  • Linux: Python 3.7 – 3.11 (x86_64)
  • macOS: Python 3.7 – 3.11 (arm64 + x86_64)

Run the following commands to install our ovito package in your conda environment. The package contains the OVITO Python module and the OVITO Pro desktop application:

conda clean --index-cache

conda install --strict-channel-priority -c https://conda.ovito.org -c conda-forge ovito==3.9.2 

The Python module is freely usable (MIT license). The OVITO Pro desktop app requires a valid license key to run. 

Even though their names are the same, our ovito package is different from the one you can find in the conda-forge channel. Conda-forge provides OVITO Basic whereas the conda package we provide in our own channel contains the OVITO Python module and OVITO Pro.

Having trouble downloading OVITO? Send us an email to let us know.