General settings

This page of the application settings dialog lets you change several global options that affect the user interface and the graphics system of the program.

User interface

Load file: Use alternative file selection dialog

This option controls the type of file selector that is shown each time you import a data file into OVITO. By the default, the standard file dialog box of the operating system (OS) is used. If you set this option, a built-in dialog is used instead, which may or may not provide some advantages over the OS dialog box.

Modifiers list: Sort by category

If this option is turned on, the list of available modifiers will be divided into several categories. If turned off, the modifiers will be shown as one contiguous, alphabetically ordered list.

Viewport rendering / OpenGL

The following technical settings allow you to override the default behavior of the program, which may become necessary on certain systems to avoid compatibility problems with the installed OpenGL graphics driver. If you experience display problems in the interatice viewports of OVITO, you can try to play around with these settings. If that doesn't solve the problems, please report them to the developer of OVITO and send along the system report generated by the program when you select HelpOpenGL Information from the menu.

Override context sharing

Controls whether each viewport gets its own OpenGL context or the same context is used for rendering all viewports.

Override use of geometry shaders

Controls whether OpenGL geometry shaders are used to generated geometry on the GPU when rendering particles and bonds. Otherwise, the geometry data is generated by software on the CPU. The use of OpenGL geometry shaders is typically faster but may not work well on some graphics hardware and platforms.