OVITO - Open Visualization Tool

Scientific data visualization and analysis solution for particle-based simulations


Latest release: OVITO 3.10.6 (changelog)


Made for particle simulations
of any scale

Accelerate your research

Visualize and explore particle simulations of any kind and size. From ab initio to large-scale models with 100M+ atoms or particles.

Widely adopted

Cited by over 12,000 research publications (6+ new papers per day).

Community edition: OVITO Basic

Many features available free of charge under an open source license, including the powerful OVITO Python package.

Professional edition: OVITO Pro

Includes additional analysis, visualization, and automation functions to significantly boost research capabilities and productivity.

Powerful features

Exchange data with a wide range of standard and custom simulation codes

Convenient graphical user interface for real-time interactive data exploration, quantitative analysis, and 3d visualization

Pipeline-based analysis and non-destructive editing workflow

Process any kind of atomistic, molecular, and granular particle model as well as grid-based or mesh-based data

Analysis functions

Microstructural analysis tools such as grain segmentation, dislocation analysis (DXA), and defect identification

Time series analysis, data plots, histograms

Many more…


Spherical, ellipsoidal, super-ellipsoidal, and custom particle shapes

Complete support for periodic boundary conditions and non-orthogonal simulation domains

OVITO Python package

Automate data analysis and visualization tasks in a reproducible manner

Use OVITO from Jupyter notebooks

Integrate file I/O, data processing, and viz functions in your custom workflows and software solutions

High-quality rendering

Real-time viewport visualization

Path-tracing rendering engines for compelling and beautiful scientific illustrations and animations

Multi-viewport and comparative visualizations

Export 3d models to the web, PowerPoint, or Blender


The professional software solution for academic and industrial research
developed by expert scientists in Germany since 2009

Support for additional file formats

ASE database & trajectories, glTF 3d scene export

High-quality rendering engines

Tachyon, OSPRay, and VisRTX for stunning visuals - rendering on CPUs and GPUs

Python code generation

Export data and visualization pipelines as ready-to-run Python programs.

Develop custom modifiers

Write your own data analysis algorithms in Python or download pre-made modifiers from the online repository.

User-defined viewport overlays

Enrich rendered images or videos with additional information, e.g. data plots. Write your own overlays in Python.

Import custom data formats

Use the integrated Python interpreter to develop file readers for new data formats.

Extended LAMMPS integration

Run LAMMPS scripts from within OVITO for quick simulation prototyping. Visualize LAMMPS regions.

Multiple pipelines

Add several simulations to your visualization scene for comparative analysis. Use pipeline branching for efficient data processing.

Access simulation data on remote computers

OpenSSH integration (supports smartcard and 2FA authentication methods)

Additional services

We offer support services from our professional team of OVITO software experts and developers.

Custom support services

Receive specific advice from our support team for your projects. We offer one-on-one email and video chat support.


Unlock new skills by setting up a personalized training session with our experts. We also offer in-person or remote training for small groups in your organization.

Code development

Let us implement custom data analysis or visualization algorithms for your project in OVITO. We can enable you to develop new functions or integrate existing code into OVITO.

Complex visualization projects

Get the most out of your modelling results - impress your audience with great, professionally-looking renderings and animations, which we can help to create.