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Version 3.9.2 of OVITO Basic and OVITO Pro released on 31 Aug, 2023. See the list of changes.




Python / Conda

What is OVITO?

OVITO is a scientific visualization and data analysis solution for atomistic and other particle-based models. It helps scientists gain meaningful and quick insights from numerical simulation results.

The software is being used across various research disciplines and has served as valuable scientific tool in more than 10,000 research studies so far (~6 new publications per day). 

Our community edition, OVITO Basic, is available free of charge under an open source license. For professional scientists and academic research groups we offer our powerful OVITO Pro product, which includes an extended analysis toolset, visualisation capabilities and automation functions (Python integration). 

OVITO desktop application for Windows, Linux and macOS
OVITO Python package


Let OVITO Pro turn any analysis pipeline and visualization setup into a Python script. 

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User manual

Our comprehensive software documentation covers everything from program installation to Python APIs. Have a look!

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Find answers in our OVITO Pro user forum. Post your questions and let the OVITO team or other users offer you guidance.

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Citing OVITO

If you publish results or visualizations obtained with OVITO, please cite the software in your publication as follows:

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Jan 2023

Starting the year right! We’re proud to see team #OVITO grow as Daniel Utt joins us as research software engineer. Daniel will help us accelerate the development of new and exciting features for OVITO Pro. Stay tuned for news and updates.
Daniel Utt is a skilled research software engineer and joined the OVITO development team in 2023 to work on our core product. Daniel is also a qualified expert in computational materials modelling and the advanced features of our software, which he has applied in numerous research projects himself. He likes to share this experience by organizing public OVITO training workshops.
Welcome to the team, Daniel!

Aug 2021

OVITO at LAMMPS Virtual Workshop and Symposium 2021




May 2020

OVITO Pro available now!