Building OVITO on Windows

The required steps are quite involved, particularly those for building/installing the prerequisites, and the available instructions may be insufficient. Please get in touch with the developers if you want to build OVITO on the Windows platform.

You are going to need at least the following prerequisites:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 or newer (64-bit command line tools for C++ development)

  • Qt 6.x (install the msvc2019 64-bit component)

  • CMake (v3.12 or newer)

  • git

  • zlib

  • Boost (header-only component)

  • HDF5 (optional, requires zlib)

  • NetCDF (optional, requires HDF5 and zlib)

  • ffmpeg (optional, version 4.2.1, requires MSYS2)

Downloading the source code

To download OVITO’s source code into a new subdirectory named ovito/, install Git and run:

git clone --recursive

from the command line or download the source tree package from