Frequently asked questions

Installation and license management

See the User Manual for general installation instructions, system requirements, and troubleshooting tips. OVITO Pro license management is explained here.

Can I use a software license across multiple platforms (Windows/Mac/Linux)?

Yes. License keys are not tied to a specific platform.

Do you offer floating licenses?

No. OVITO Pro group licenses provide a certain number of installation β€œseats”. A seat denotes an installation of OVITO Pro on a particular computer, usable by one user account. It does not matter whether the software is currently running or not.

Can license seats be re-assigned to another user or computer?

Yes. In the self-service area of our website, users and license owners can deactivate their existing OVITO Pro installation(s) to free up group license seats. An administrator can withdraw an installation seat from group members at any time, even remotely.

Can I use OVITO Pro in an air-gapped environment?

Yes, for some license categories we can offer you an all-offline activation option, which allows installing OVITO Pro on computers not connected to the internet, e.g., classified computing systems. Please contact sales for further information.

Can I install OVITO Pro on (visualization) nodes of a computing cluster?

Yes, this requires the Cluster Usage Add-on for group licenses. It allows activating OVITO Pro across all nodes of an HPC cluster machine, without locking it to specific machine hardware. The desktop software can then be used by one user per seat on all cluster nodes. Contact sales for an offer.

Sales and pricing

Our sales channel depends on your geographic region.
Please reach out to our sales team for information tailored to your location.

Are there any hidden fees beyond the displayed cost? Will my license auto-renew?

No, there are no hidden fees or extra charges. Once your license key expires, there will be no automatic renewal. Please fill out our sales form if you are interested in renewing your license for OVITO Pro.

Are academic discounts available for OVITO Pro?

Yes, we offer different license categories, including Academic, Governmental, and Commercial, as detailed in our license agreement. Those eligible for Academic licenses can take advantage of our most favorable pricing options (see next question).

Who is elligible for Academic pricing?

In general, anyone affiliated with an academic institution. We recognize, however, that many of our customers have dual affiliations with a university as well as a government-funded research institution. To bring clarity and transparency to the process, please be aware that your customer category strictly depends on the funding source paying for the software license, i.e., the official invoice address and/or VAT ID you (or your purchasing department) use during purchase.

Can I buy a perpetual license for OVITO Pro?

No, but we do offer extended licensing periods of up to 4 years.

What payment methods do you accept?

We commonly accept payments via wire transfer and credit card (online via PayPal or Stripe). Should you need an alternative payment method, we can direct you to one of our resellers.

Can you accommodate our institution's requirements for a vendor setup?

Certainly! We are happy to comply with your institution's procurement processes. For vendor setup assistance, please contact sales for further guidance and support.

Is customer support included with OVITO Pro?

Yes, OVITO Pro includes basic technical support as part of our standard licensing. Our dedicated team is here to assist you with all aspects related to OVITO Pro and the usage of our OVITO Python package. Licensed customers can reach out for support through our exclusive online forum or by emailing us directly. For scientific consulting, specific solutions, or custom code development, please contact our sales team for an offer.

Can I get a free trial period for OVITO Pro for my student project?

No, please understand that we cannot give you access to OVITO Pro for academic research free of charge. OVITO Pro is a software mainly targeted at academic research, and our professional work primarily relies on paying academic users. In other words, there is no cross-financing due to our very unique user spectrum. If you are a student, we maintain that it is the responsibility of your supervising faculty or academic institution to supply all necessary research equipment and tools for your work, including special software like OVITO Pro. If you have any questions regarding specific software features or workflows, do not hesitate to reach out to us and arrange for a demo call.