OVITO Basic and OVITO Pro

We provide two variants of the software: OVITO Basic and OVITO Pro. The two differ in terms of the program features and licensing conditions.

OVITO Basic is made available to the research community free of charge and provides the basic functionality typically needed by occasional users, who want an easy way to visualize particle-based simulations. This edition of OVITO is also meant for students and teachers, who use the software in classroom settings. The source code of OVITO Basic is freely available, giving you open access to the advanced data algorithms that operate under the hood. We also invite you to contribute new code to this version of OVITO under the MIT and GNU GPL Open Source licenses and share your own developments with the research community.

OVITO Pro will be made available for a fee (coming in Q2/2020) and addresses the needs of professional researchers, who require features such as scripting capability, advanced data analysis tools and high-quality image rendering functions. The proceeds from the sales of OVITO Pro will enable us to further extend the code and continue making well-maintained program packages available to the community on a long-term basis. Furthermore, buyers of OVITO Pro will receive priority support directly from the OVITO team. Note that the development of OVITO is no longer funded by any public institution, and we now work on a freelance basis out of Germany. The upside is we can now invest much more time into making OVITO better than ever before.

If you have any specific questions, comments or concerns, please get in touch with us. Please also have a look at our list of frequently asked questions below.


  • Available free of charge
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Open-source license
  • For occasional and educational use
  • Platform for your own code developments


  • Includes all program features of the Basic edition
  • Python scripting interface
  • Integration into automated workflows
  • Professional technical support
  • High-quality image and movie rendering
  • Additional powerful analysis functions
Free Preview


The software rental agreement will grant you the right to use OVITO Pro for one year. The agreement will terminate automatically after the year – unless you actively renew it. So there won’t be any hidden costs. You will get access to all program updates we publish during this period, and we will ensure that OVITO remains compatible with operating systems, fix bugs and improve the software, and provide you and your team with professional technical support. 
Yes, we will offer single as well as group licenses for OVITO Pro. The two variants will only differ in terms of the maximum number of computers on which you can install and run the software. The single user license will allow you to use OVITO Pro on up to two computers while the group license will give you up to ten seats. 
We have not fixed the pricing yet, but here are some ballpark figures you can expect (excl. VAT). The rates will depend on your type of affiliation:
Single license (2 seats) Group license (10 seats)
Academic 230 € 920 €
Government 330 € 1340 €
Commercial 420 € 1670 €
OVITO is a highly specialized niche product, and we expect only a relatively small number of paying customers, especially during the first years. We need to make sure that sales revenues will cover the full expenses of our small and independent startup business, which operates without investors or seed money. The business has to pay the full salaries of senior researchers/developers, corporate taxes, transaction fees, lawyers, accounting services, computers, web hosting, insurances, and more. Also keep in mind that the revenues facilitate the development of OVITO Basic, the open-source edition, which benefits the entire research community.
Because we now develop the software for a living. When the current research grant and our work contracts in academia soon run out, we will be reliant on your contributions. Creating and supporting a professional, high-quality application software like OVITO is more than a full-time job, and as an independent start-up business we need to be compensated for this work.

Giving it away for free was possible because OVITO used to be developed on the side by us – as pet project of materials researchers working in academia as non-faculty staff. We enjoyed working extra hours to develop the software, fix bugs, and support our users. But without long-term funding and –more importantly– without permanent positions for the people behind OVITO, the existing conditions are not sustainable. With OVITO becoming more and more popular and a very time-consuming job by itself, it became clear that a different approach is needed now. That’s why we founded a spin-off company: Giving us the opportunity to make OVITO better than ever before and to ensure the long-term availability for its many users.

We believe that our software will typically be employed by professional researchers in several scientific projects, each with only a narrow budget. The recurring but moderate subscription costs of OVITO Pro may thus be spread over a number of projects and a longer period of time. This model also ensures that you and your team will always have access to the latest software releases and to our professional support services. Last but not least, a recurring revenue is vital for us as a small startup business to continue the development and maintenance of the code in the long run. 

We want to begin offering OVITO Pro in May 2020. Until the official launch, you can download a free development version of the software from our website, which will expire in June 2020.

We do partner with customers to accelerate the development of certain product features driven by customer demand. Customers may fund specific product feature development, for inclusion in the standard product available to all customers. Contact us for more information or to discuss development of specific product features that your research group may require.