Voxel grid


This type of visual element controls the visual appearance of voxel grid data objects, which are structured grids made of 2- or 3-dimensional cells (voxels), each associated with one or more numeric values.


This visual element renders the voxel grid as a solid object showing just the voxel cells on the outer boundaries of the domain. Note that by default the voxel cells will all appear gray, because they do not have a color assigned to them yet. You can use the Color coding modifier to given them a color and visualize a numeric field quantity associated with the grid cells as in this example.




The degree of semi-transparency to use when rendering the grid surfaces.

Highlight edges

Activates the rendering of wireframe lines along the edges of the grid cells.

Interpolate colors

Will smoothly interpolate between the discrete colors of adjacent cells.

See also

ovito.vis.VoxelGridVis (Python API)