Example O1: Scale bar

The following script renders a scale bar into the viewport (with a fixed length of 4 nm, as shown in the example picture). You can copy/paste the source code into the script input field and adjust the parameters in the code as needed.

from ovito.qt_compat import QtCore
from ovito.qt_compat import QtGui

# Parameters:
bar_length = 40   # Simulation units (e.g. Angstroms)
bar_color = QtGui.QColor(0,0,0)
label_text = f"{bar_length/10} nm"
label_color = QtGui.QColor(255,255,255)

# This function is called by OVITO on every viewport update.
def render(args):
    if args.is_perspective:
        raise Exception("This overlay only works with non-perspective viewports.")

    # Compute length of bar in screen space
    screen_length = args.project_size((0,0,0), bar_length)

    # Define geometry of bar in screen space
    height = 0.07 * args.painter.window().height()
    margin = 0.02 * args.painter.window().height()
    rect = QtCore.QRectF(margin, margin, screen_length, height)

    # Render bar rectangle
    args.painter.fillRect(rect, bar_color)

    # Render text label
    font = args.painter.font()
    args.painter.drawText(rect, QtCore.Qt.AlignCenter, label_text)