This page of the data inspector lists all attribute values associated with the current dataset. Global attributes are properties that have been attached to a dataset, for example, the current simulation timestep or the number of selected particles. Attributes may have time-dependent values which change with animation time, in particular, if they are dynamically computed by the data pipeline for each frame.

Each attribute has a unique name and a current value (numeric or textual), which are listed in the table of the data inspector. Some attributes, e.g., SourceFile and SourceFrame, are generated by the data source of the data pipeline while loading the input data from the external file. Other attributes may be dynamically generated by certain modifiers in the data pipeline to report computation results. The screenshot, for example, shows the ClusterAnalysis.cluster_count attribute, which has been generated by the Cluster analysis modifier.

The attributes listed in the table, or a subset of them, can be exported to a text file using OVITO’s file export function, as explained here. The save button on the right edge of the data inspector provides a shortcut to access the file export function.