General settings


On this tab of the application settings dialog, you can adjust global options affecting the program’s user interface and graphics system.

User interface options

Seperate folders for data import/export and session states

If turned on, OVITO remembers across program sessions the most recently used working directories for different types of file I/O operations, e.g., data file import & export, session state loading & saving, or image output. If turned off, just one global working directory is used, which depends on where OVITO was launched from (on the command line).

Sort list of available modifiers by category

If turned on, the list of available modifiers displayed by OVITO is sub-divided into functional groups. If turned off, modifiers are offered in the form of a single, alphabetically ordered list.

Program updates

Periodically check website for program updates

If activated, the program checks for new software updates upon program start by contacting the server In case a new program release is available for download, a corresponding notice is displayed in the command panel of the program. No personal information or usage data is transmitted to or logged by the software vendor.