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Adding comments/custom names to modifiers and overlay elements

Dear Alex, Dear Constanze,

despite the ingenious pipeline approach, which makes OVITO so powerful and convenient, the program clearly lacks the functionality to document modifiers. Especially when dealing with complex systems, it makes the pipeline less verbose than it could be. For instance, instead of two "Construct surface mesh" modifiers, I would rather prefer to see something custom like "Lower slab (Construct surface mesh)" and "Upper slab (Construct surface mesh)", or whatever. It gets even worse: adding several text labels to viewport results in "Text label", "Text label", "Text label" etc. The same applies to the inability to give a custom name to a pipeline. Again, it can sometimes turn a great pipeline cloning feature into a complete mess.

I'm curious to know what your take on this issue is.

Best regards and have a nice one,




Thank you for this useful suggestion. In fact, I had the same feeling before, but was just waiting for a user like you to request this kind of feature before actually implementing it in the software. Because sometimes it can hurt to overload the user interface with functions that nobody actually needs.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that your request has been fulfilled, because I was prepared for it. A new OVITO build (dev657) is available for download that allows renaming pipelines, modifiers and viewport layers to give them user-defined, more expressive names if needed. Renaming a pipeline is done through the new 'pipeline menu' shown in the attached screenshot. Modifiers and viewport layers are renamed simply by clicking on the the corresponding list items to edit their names.

Let us know if you have any other ideas how to make OVITO better. (Yes, I saw your other post and will respond, but that one will likely take me longer).


Uploaded files:
  • clone_pipeline_menu_item.png


that's really great news! Thank you for the feature, I've already been able to test it out. So far so good!

Let us know if you have any other ideas how to make OVITO better.

I will let you know, should something else pop up in my head!


Hello, Alex.

You mentioned that this new feature allows the user to change modifiers names. That would be very helpful, as I need to repeat the same modifier twice or thrice over different selections to perform some calculations. I'm using pro (dev 657), I have found the rename pipeline feature, but I can't seem to find how to change modifier names. Is that feature available at all? Have I misunderstood Arkadii's request and your words on your feature?


Hi Gonzalo,

Yes, this feature should be available in all OVITO builds from dev657 onward.

Here is how you use it: Click on a modifier in the pipeline editor to select and highlight it. Then click on the modifier's name a second time to activate the rename mode. The list item should turn into a text input field letting you change the modifier's name. Finally hit enter to lock in the new name.

The process is similar to renaming a file in the Windows Explorer and similar programs.


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