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anaconda ovito module


I am trying to use the ovito python module with anaconda. I installed the ovito module using the "python -m pip install ovito"

command, like the documentation instructs. I can import the module in  my interpreter ("import ovito" gives no errors). but when I tried to run the simple command: print("Hello, this is OVITO %i.%i.%i" % ovito.version), I get the following error: AttributeError: module 'ovito' has no attribute 'version'.

I would be thankful for any help with the solution of this issue.


I don't have an explanation yet for this unexpected behaviour. Normally, if there is any problem with the installation of the ovito module, you would get an error message already during the attempt to import the module. The missing ovito.version attribute is very unusual.

In general, please note that the OVITO PyPI package that you installed with the "pip install" command is not compatible with the Anaconda interpreter. For Anaconda we provide a special conda package that must be installed with the "conda install" command, see

However, currently, the conda package is only available for the Linux and MacOS platforms. Let me know if you are working under Windows.

Thank, you that solved the issue. I'm on ubuntu, so that wasn't the problem. I uninstalled the PyPI version and installed the conda  one. (although I had to create a new conda environment for it to work). Now everything launches fine. Thank you again and best regards