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Atomic strain calculation


When I use "Atomic strain" in OVITO to calculate my model, I don't know why the shear strain values calculated were so large? The value  almost up to 100. But the results in some papers I had seen always lower than 1. The model has a periodic boundary condition. And I applied displacement loads in opposite directions at the upper and lower boundaries to put the model in a shear state.

Uploaded files:
  • shear-strain1.png

This picture is the properties  I set.

Uploaded files:
  • shear-strain2.png


one explanation for this could be that the particle ID's are missing in your input data, and the particles in the different snapshots have not been ordered by ID before export. Is this a lammps-dump file? If so, could you show me the dump command you have used?

Alternatively you can send me an example snapshot of your file (either upload it here or use the official mail support), then it's easier for me to help.




Thank you very much. Your help is very useful for me. I think you are right because my lammps-dump file doesn't have atoms' ID. Then I use    < #dump 1 all custom 400 dumpRCF_Rail_000.* id type x y z >     to have a try.

The shear strain results seem to be good. The shear strain values are smaller than 1 and have a very resonable distribution.

Thanks for your answer, best wishes!