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Black screen only

Hello, I would like to run Ovito on supercomputer which runs linux system. I tried downloading Linux ovita, and downloading source code from scratch  and compiling it (which went smoothly without errors) - but I always get same result, I type: ./bin/ovito -- application starts without no errors in terminal, new X111 window pops up, and it is black inside of the window, and nothing else happens. Do you have any ideas what is going wrong or how I can trouble shoot this issue?  (I compiled with gcc 8.3.0) Lena

Hi Lena,

Since you wrote that you are trying to run OVITO on a supercomputer, I assume you are doing this through an SSH remote connection, right? OVITO cannot be run via X forwarding, because it is based on the Qt5 library, which does not support this mode very well, and it uses direct OpenGL calls to the graphics hardware for rendering, which is also something that doesn't work through an X forwarding connection. Probably that is the reason why you see just a black window.

The best way to run OVITO on a remote computer is to use VirtualGL + VNC. This requires that the remote machine (the cluster node) can run a graphical desktop environment and provides support for OpenGL rendering via GPU hardware.

Let us know if you have any further questions regarding this.


Hello, Thank you for getting back to me so fast. I was indeed trying to go over ssh through X11 forwarding. This answers my question. I will explore VirtualGL+VNC. Thank you, Lena