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Bonds color


I just noticed there is a bug in the gui Ovito. Under "create_bond" feature, the color of bonding cannot be changed effectively if one unchecks the coloring scheme based on atomic colors.




I am trying to reproduce the problem. Could you please specify (i) whether you inserted the Create Bonds modifier only once or multiple times in the same pipeline, and (ii) whether the input dataset contains preexisting bonds or not? Also let me know if you use any other modifiers to color the bonds. Thanks.


Hi Alex,

Thanks, I used Create Bonds modifier only once in the same pipeline. The dataset is a regular POSCAR file and doesn't have any preexisting bonds.


Thanks. Then I would need a more precise description from you of how you expect OVITO to behave and what actually happens.

But let me first give you some background information on how OVITO works. OVITO uses a hierarchy of settings to determine the effective color for rendering bonds (if the "use particle colors" option is turned off):

  1. Per-bond color given by the "Color" bond property.
  2. Per-type color associated with the bond type.
  3. Default bond color set in the "Bonds display" panel.

The default bond color is only used if the bonds have no type information associated with them. However, unlike in OVITO 2.9, nowadays bonds almost always have a type. The Create Bonds modifier automatically defines a new bond type and assigns it to all newly created bonds. OVITO will then use that type's color to render the bonds. The attached screenshot shows where you set the color of the new bond type created by the Create Bonds modifier.

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