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POV-Ray rendering support

I'm wondering if there is any reason that the POV-Ray rendering support should be removed from the code? Is it possible to restore this feature in the future?

Kind regards,


Hi Liang,

Our impression is that the integration of the external POV-Ray program, which was available in OVITO 2.9, hasn't been used much by people. The POV-Ray code falls short of the other rendering engines available in OVITO Pro, Tachyon and OSPRay, in terms of visual quality and speed. In fact, you are the first to ask for the POV-Ray renderer after its removal from OVITO. Please understand that, in general, we prefer focusing our development resources on program functions that are relevant to a larger number of users.

I'm not sure if you are aware of it, but while the POV-Ray renderer integration has been removed from current versions of OVITO, the POV-Ray file export function continues to be available in OVITO Pro. That means you should still be able to export a visualization scene to a .pov file and then renderer an image by invoking the POV-Ray program externally on that file. This workflow even gives you the additional freedom to further customize the POV-Ray scene before it gets rendered, which, in fact, is something I often found myself doing before Tachyon and OSPRay became available. Perhaps this is also a viable workflow for you if you prefer POV-Ray over these other rendering engines. Let me know what you think.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your quick reply and suggestions.

I've checked the work flow by exporting visualization scenes to .pov files then render the files by invoking the POV-Ray program externally. It works fine, but with one shortcoming. If I choose the view type to 'Ortho' in Ovito, and exporting the scenes to .pov files, the image rendered by the POV-Ray program always looks a little weird. There is an example of the JPG file rendered this way in the attachment. The corner and edge of the frame box have been chopped. Some atoms have been rendered as smaller than the rest ones.  For the other view types such as 'Perspective', 'Front', 'Bottom', etc., there is no such problem. Could you please help check this issue? Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,


Uploaded files:
  • Inked_Cu-melt.jpg


Yes, I can confirm that there seems to be a problem with the POV-Ray files generated by OVITO for orthographic viewports. I have developed a workaround for the problem that will be part of OVITO release 3.3.5, which I am going to publish in the coming days.

In the meantime you have to edit the generated POV-Ray file by hand.

#version 3.5;
#include ""
background { color rgb <1, 1, 1>}
camera {
  location <0, 3.0475, 0>
  direction <0, -1.56009, 

The camera location needs to be set to a more distant value, e.g.:

location <0, 100000, 0>

This should correct the clipping problem seen in your picture.