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Rendering movie with varying camera angle

Dear Constanze,

I'm doing DXA analysis in a cubical simulation box.

I wanted to make a movie for a presentation in which we can visualization structure with dislocation line from all the directions (kind of revolving camera over the structure). I tried to create a camera and then by giving step I can only zoom in and out but not able to rotate the camera.

Please let me know if it is possible in ovito by any means.

Thank you for your time.



Dear Prash,

Yes, you should be able to animate both the camera and the structure in OVITO. The easiest way to do this is the to activate the "Auto-key" mode in the GUI as described here:

Have you tried this already?



Hello, Thank you for your prompt response.

Yes, I tried like this as described on a page by giving "Auto-Key" but then I can not change the angle (revolve camera) from a one-time frame to the next. If I use the rotation tool from the toolbar to change the coordinates (xyz) but then it changes in all the frames.

It just zoom in and out according to the FOV angle.

I'm not sure I understand the problem correctly, but please try the following:


  1. Select the pipeline with the camera and go to frame 0. Now activate the "Auto-Key" mode. The animation track-bar will now appear in red.
  2. Jump to a different frame. Click on the Move Tool and move the camera. You can also click on the Rotation tool afterwards to change the viewing direction. You will see that 2 different animation key-pairs appear in the track-bar. One for the rotation and one for the for position animation parameters.
  3. Jump to the next frame and repeat until you have created your camera trajectory.
  4. Deactivate the Auto-key-mode again by clicking on the key symbol.

You can also create/edit the animation keys manually, by clicking on the little "A" button next to the position/rotation parameters (see attached screenshot). If you don't have enough animation frames for your animation to appear smooth, you can add more if you open the animation settings (the clock-symbol).

In some cases, you might not even need an extra camera. If you want to create an animation of your simulation cell rotating 360 degrees around the z-axis, e.g., you simply create two animation keys for the first and last frame, with a rotation angle  0 at time 0 and 360 at the last frame. OVITO will interpolate the position of the simulation cell for all in-between frames.

Hope that helps.


Uploaded files:
  • animation_keys.png

Thank you so much for the solution.

I tried doing from "A" button but there the problem was the rotation axis.

I want to rotate my simulation cell around the z-axis. But from the center of the simulation cell. Because while rotating along (0,0,1) it went out of the frame from the animation.

I tried to change the origin of the simulation cell but it doesn't affect.

I'm attaching here the animated gif and also a screenshot,

Uploaded files:
  • test.gif
  • ovito_Screenshot-from-2020-09-29-06-33-05.png

Ok great! Changing the origin of the simulation cell was the right idea. But you should do it with an Affine Transformation Modifier instead of doing it in the Data source settings. (These changes will be overwritten, each time a new frame is loaded).

Thank you so much. It works. 🙂

Have a nice and safe day.