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Rendering with selected particles

I need to export an image where I already have a color coding for some property, with the selection of some particles in addition to the colorcoding. I can see it fine in the viewpoints. However, when I try to apply "Render viewpoint", it does not render the selection but only the color code. Is it there a way to do this other than taking a screen shot (which is not exactly the best quality for an image)?

You can apply the assign color modifier after you defined a selection to color a subset of atoms for rendering.

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  • Screenshot-from-2022-05-11-11-02-14.png

Yes,  OVITO uses a red color to highlight selected particles in the interactive viewports. If you want the selection to be colored red (or any other color of your choice) in the rendered images as well, simply add an Assign Color Modifier to your pipeline.

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