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stress visulation of dump file


I'd like to color the atomic structure with atomic stress value using the results of LAMMPS.

The results can be obtain in the following two formats  using LAMMPS.

1 a pdb file and the relevant atomic stress data (one image)

2. a psf file, a dcd file, and series of atomic stress data (movie composed of multiplle images)


I'd like to make stress-colored atomic structure figure in the case of 1

and a colored movie file and/or multiple of stress-colored atomic structure figures in the case of 2.


If it is possible using OVITO, would you let me know  how I can do it?

Explaining the method for the case 2 is enougth to me, but if it is not available, I'd like to ask your help for the case 1.


Thank you for your answer in advance.

Best regards,


Hello Young,

after importing your file (or file-sequence) into the GUI you can add a Color Coding Modifier to your modifier,  see,
that uses the stress per atom as a input property.

How to render images or movies is explained here:

Let me know if that works for you.


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