Voxel grid


This type of visual element controls the visual appearance of voxel grid data objects, which are structured grids made of 2- or 3-dimensional cells (voxels), each being associated with numeric property values.


Discrete cell values


Color interpolation on

The color mapping function of the visual element visualizes the selected scalar cell property using a pseudo-color map. Alternatively, it’s possible to control each voxel cell’s RGB color explicitly by setting the Color property of the voxel grid data object using modifiers in the pipelines.

A three-dimensional voxel grid is rendered as a solid box, showing just the values of the grid cells located on the outer boundaries of the domain. To visualize the interior values of the three-dimensional voxel grid, you can use the Slice modifier to extract a two-dimensional cross-section or use the Create isosurface modifier to compute an isosurface of the scalar field.


Surface transparency

The degree of semi-transparency of the grid surfaces.

Show grid lines

Activates the rendering of wireframe lines along the edges of the grid cells.

Color interpolation

Smoothly interpolate between the discrete colors of adjacent cells.

See also

ovito.vis.VoxelGridVis (Python API)