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backward compatibility

We recently started to use Ovito pro version, but the pro version cannot open the ovito files made by older ovitio versions.

It would be great if the pro version can be backward compatible.




Dear Duancheng,

What means "older ovito versions" in your case? Have you been using OVITO 2.9 or a preview version of OVITO 3.0 before to write the .ovito files?

OVITO 3.x introduced a completely redesigned internal data model, which is largely incompatible with the legacy data structures used by OVITO 2.x (until 2017). Unfortunately, that also meant a breaking change in the file structure, which is tightly coupled to the in-memory data structures used by the program. Around 2018 it was decided that maintaining backward compatibility with OVITO 2.9 is not feasible. If you still have some old .ovito files created with OVITO 2.9, you can open them only with the legacy program release (which is still available for download on our website).

OVITO 3.x final program releases should mostly be able to read .ovito files written by development builds of OVITO 3 published between 2018 and 2020, but data structures of certain program features (modifiers) have heavily changed during the development process and OVITO 3.x may refuse to open such files if they make use of certain specific features.

Please send me your .ovito file if you are not sure which OVITO version was used to create it. I can inspect the file and check in more detail if migrating it to the current OVITO release series is possible or not.

Furthermore, note that OVITO Basic and OVITO Pro share exactly the same file format. So this is not a specific limitation of one of the versions. Nowadays, .ovito files written by OVITO Basic or Pro are interchangeable in both directions (except that Basic will not be able to execute functions at runtime that are exclusive to Pro). Finally, let me assure you that backward compatibility (in terms of the file format) is intended for all future program releases, now that OVITO 3 has been officially published.