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I can't get the distance between particles

Dear Ovito Developers,

I just installed ovito 3.2.1, I usually work with 2.9.0 version. In 2.9.0 version, when I want to compare 2 or more particles I use the utilities menu and there the Inspect particle option. In 3.2.1 version I can't find the utilities menu, is not next to Overlays menu anymore.

How could I do it?



Dear Javi,

simply open the Data Inspector (click on the "Particles Tab" below the viewport windows).

The crosshair button then activates a mouse input mode, which lets you pick individual particles in the viewports. As you select particles in the viewports, the filter expression is automatically updated to show the properties of the highlighted particles. Hold down the Ctrl key (Command key on macOS) to select multiple particles.

The middle tool button shows a second table displaying the distances between particles. Here, OVITO reports the pair-wise distances for the first four particles in the particle list.

More details can be found here:


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