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Is it possible to draw octahedron and pentahedron in OVITO?

I know OVITO can draw tetrahedron.

But how about octahedron and pentahedron? Is this possible?

Hi Jejoon,

Yes, the coordination polyhedron is the convex hull spanned by the bonded neighbors of a central atom. So you would first create bonds (using the Create Bonds modifier e.g.) if they are not present yet in your system and then create a selection of the atoms you would like to draw the coordination polyhedra around.


Thanks for the answer, but to be more specific, I wish to separately draw and visualize tetrahedron, pentahedron, and octahedron for some multi-oxide glass structure. Would it be possible?

You cannot directly draw them, but if you create the corresponding atoms and bonds first, you should be able to use the Coordination polyhedra modifier. Maybe that could be an option for you.