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Output the common (intersection) region of a particle file and .obj file

Hi Everyone,

I want to create a complex solid geometry. The complex geometry was constructed using a CAD software. The model was thereby exported in .obj format, which is readable by Ovito.

Now, the volume is to be filled with particles from a separate file containing particles.

Both particle file and .obj file were read by Ovito. However, I couldn't output the intersection region of the two.

I tried "combine dataset" modifier. However, the modifier works only for files containing particles.

Can you suggest the course of action?

Attached: image of the two files loaded together in Ovito

I can mail the .obj file for solid structure which couldn't be uploaded in the forum.


Anuj Bisht,

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Dear Anuj,

OVITO doesn't provide a function to fill an arbitrary region with atoms or to perform this kind of volumetric intersection. But how about using the nanoSCULPT tool instead?


Hi Alex,

I tried nanoSCULPT before. However, when i opened the exported particle file from nanosculpt for verification in Ovito last week, there were some issues. A lot of volume was filled with disordered particles as identified by DXA.

Interestingly, when I reopened the same exported file in Ovito today and verified it, it looks like a single phase (as should be).

Thanks for the advice and to have a relook at the earlier nanoSCULPT exported data. It works!

As a side note, what could be the reason for different output from DXA earlier? I used Ovito 3.0.0-dev539


Anuj Bisht,



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It's kind of difficult for me to tell what exactly happened on your end. Perhaps you had accidentally selected the wrong input crystal structure in the DXA modifier? That is a likely reason why the DXA modifier wouldn't identify any FCC atoms. Another mistake people easily make is to apply the DXA modifier and the Slice modifier in the wrong order.

Thank you for suggestion.