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Ovito crash on windows 10


after installing sucessfully ovito basic 3.2.1 on win10 (both installer or zip versions) it crashes before showing the main interface (see attached image)

installation path : C:\Program Files\OVITO Basic

Thanks for any help/suggestions if u have already  encountered this situation.


Noel Jakse


Uploaded files:
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In many cases, such an early program crash is caused by a problem with the installed OpenGL graphics driver on your system. To check this, you can tell OVITO to not create any 3D viewports by passing the --noviewports option on the command line. It will then run without making any 3d graphics calls.

Open the Windows command prompt (cmd.exe) and change to the installation directory by entering:

  cd "c:\Program Files\OVITO Basic"

Then start OVITO as follows:

  ovito.exe --noviewports

If the program starts without crashing now, then the problem is related to the graphics driver installed on your system. If this is the case, then please try reinstalling the graphics driver or check if a newer driver version is available from your hardware vendor. If OVITO crashes even with the --noviewports option, then we need to look further into the issue.