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The problem of atomic color display

There are eight types of atoms in the model. The seventh and eighth atoms show the colors of the fourth and fifth atoms. What's the matter?


I'm not sure I understand your question correctly. Note that you as user have full control over all particle colors. Just go to the "Particle Types" section under "Data Source" and edit the color shown under "Appearance".

If that's not what you meant, you can upload your file here, so I can try to understand what your problem is.


Uploaded files:
  • colors.png

I think you forgot to attach the file. If for some reason you have trouble with the file upload here you can also use the official mail support.

Thanks for sending me the file. I checked your data file and there are no particles of type 7 or 8 present in your data, so this has nothing to do with OVITO.

Just open your data file with any text editor of your choice and check for yourself. Your Particle Type column only contains numeric id's 1 - 6. I suggest you revisit your simulation setup.


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