Color by type pro


This modifier sets the Color property of particles, bonds, or other data elements to visualize the discrete values of one of their typed properties. A typed property is one that has some named types defined, associating each numeric value with a corresponding name and color, for example:

  • Typed particle properties:

    • Particle Type

    • Residue Type

    • Atom Name

    • Structure Type

  • Typed bond properties:

    • Bond Type

While this modifier allows you to color the data elements based on one of these properties, the color legend layer may be added to the active viewport to include a legend with type names and the corresponding colors in the rendered picture. The following picture shows two different applications of the Color by type modifier to visualize the Residue Type and the Particle Type particle properties of a molecule, respectively:


The Color by type modifier lets you color particles and bonds based on some discrete property with predefined named types. OVITO furthermore offers the Color coding modifier, which is the right tool to visualize the values of continuous properties.


Operate on

Selects the type of data elements (particles, bonds, voxel, etc.) the modifier should operate on.


The typed property that serves as input for the modifier and which the assigned colors should be based on. The drop-down list shows only properties with discrete values for which at least one element type has been defined, e.g. a particle type.

Color only selected elements

This option lets the modifier assign new colors only to the currently selected data elements. Existing colors of the unselected elements will be preserved. This allows you to color only a subset of the particles or bonds. Use the Select type modifier, for example, to first create a selection and define the subset of data elements that are going to be colored by type.

The option Clear selection option tells the modifier to reset the element selection after it has assigned the colors. This is useful in order to see the assigned colors in the interactive viewports of OVITO, which may otherwise be masked by the red highlighting color used for rendering selected elements.


The list of types defined by the selected input property and their associated colors. Note that this list is not directly editable in the modifier panel. To change the colors representing the individual types, you have to modify the original particle or bond types created by the pipeline’s data source.

See also

ovito.modifiers.ColorByTypeModifier (Python API)